Unleash the power of a Burpocolyse with Burp Zombies! Burp Zombies rose from the dead to reek havoc, burping when you least expect it. Infected with burping mayhem, Burp Zombies are here to shock and gross out your friends with their unexpected belches! Collect them all to unleash a Burpocolypse of your own!

Burpster Billy

Introducing Burp Zombies, where 8 zombie pranksters bring a new level of mischief to your world! Equipped with 10 distinct motion-activated burp sounds, Burp Zombies are the ultimate pranksters for unleashing unexpected chaos. Just conceal your zombie, and as your unsuspecting target approaches, prepare for a burst of uproarious burps that’ll leave everyone in stitches! They’re the perfect prank toys for kids and adults who love to joke and play. Collect all your favorite characters and get ready to join the burpocalypse! Ages 5+